Turkey Singles Sat 15th / Sunday 16th December

1. Phonise Franklin  2. Alfie Collins  3. Dan Heelan  4. Phil Collins  5. Paul Dillon  6. Christy Hannon

AGM Scramble Sunday 9th December

Ian Birchill / Tony Lynch / Michael Garvey / Brian Minihan

Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th October.  Turkey Singles.  Cat 1 - 1st Davy Halpin 45pts, 2nd John Brophy 43pts.  Cat 2

- 1st Peter Stringfield 43pts, 2nd Eamonn Sheedy 44pts.  Cat 3 - 1st Phonsie Franklin 47pts, 2nd Michael Ryan 45pts.

 AGM Scramble






Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st October.  Turkey Singles.  Cat 1 - 1st John O'Neill 42pts, 2nd Seamus Marsh 42pts.  Cat 2 - 1st Billy O'Doherty 46pts, 2nd Joseph Begg 41pts.  Cat 3 - 1st Michael O'Hara 41pts, 2nd Michael Laverty 40pts.

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October.  Turkey Competition.  Cat 1 - 1st Christy Downes 40pts, 2nd, Richard Burke 40pts.  Cat 2 - Pat Cronin 41pts, 2nd Eamonn Sheedy 40pts.  Cat 3 - 1st Michael Garvey 41pts, 2nd Kieran Murphy 41pts.

Open Singles.  Wednesday 10th October.  1st Paul Dillon 40pts.

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th October.  Hampers.  Cat 1 - 1st Eddie Costello 38pts, 2nd Mike Hehir 38pts.  Cat 2 - 1st Kevin Martin 43pts, 2nd Bart Ohanya 38pts.  Cat 3 - 1st JT Williams 44pts, 2nd Chritsy Purcell 41pts.

Open Singles.  Wednesday 3rd October.  1st David Neenan 40pts.

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